Picture yourself on a beautiful tropical island...


Listen to the calm wildlife. Breath in that cool island breeze. And just imagine everything that makes you feel relaxed and rested. Now tremble in front of the utter chaos, the feeling of fear and terror, as this island’s volcano is about to erupt. Feel yourself running for your life, as boulders are flying in every direction, spikes are falling from every ceiling, and the ground is shaking to a point where you can hardly stand.


Our adorable protagonist doesn't know it yet, but that's exactly what's about to happen to him. An evil entity called Juju has awakened from a veeeery long slumber, and is trying to make the volcano on the island go BOOM!!!!

The only thing that can save our lovable friend is a mysterious pink bubble that has appeared out of thin air to help him. Take control of your fuzzy furball and his helpful companion, in order to escape the clutches of the eerie bad guy. Guide them through numerous puzzle-platforming levels in order to get them to safety. But be careful though, plenty of spooky and ferocious obstacles wait around every corner. Will you be able to save our docile duo? Or will they just burn to a crisp?

Only one way to find out!!!

Family Friendly

Tiki-Taki is designed to be playable by the entire family. This means that the game is easy to pick up and understand, there's no graphic content or obscenities, and it's super cute!

Oddly Puzzly

Though it may seem like your average platformer at first glance, many of the obstacles in the game require you to use your noggin to get past them, making it a puzzle side-scroller.

Goofy Story

Though the game does not contain any dialogue or written text, do not let it fool you, it features a rich and engaging story. Tiki-Taki is like a silent movie... with sound!

Wacky & Zany

The game features copious amounts of slapstick humor, and numerous nods to cartoons from the eighties and early nineties. Get ready for some whooshing and zipping!

Bubbly & Cuddly

Tiki-Taki features a diegetic interface that immerses you in the game world, you won't even notice the user interface is there. Or maybe the interface is in your mind... *X-Files music*

Extra Features:

  • Multi-Platform: Coming to Android, iOS, and more to come if we hit our funding goals!

  • No Internet REQUIRED: Once the game is downloaded, it never requires internet again to run.

  • No Micro-transactions: No cash shops, no currencies, no booster packs, no loot crates, etc.

  • No Ads: The game is completely ad-free!!

  • 6 Worlds, 24-36 Levels: Vast and unique worlds, divided into fun mobile friendly levels.

  • New Game+: Play the game again in a harder mode with added obstacles and a secret ending.

  • OLD SCHOOL Mode: For extreme players. Where are your checkpoints nooow?

  • Retro Style: Heavily inspired by the retro Genesis and SNES generation.

  • Play Your Way: Multiple control schemes, so that you can play how YOU want.

  • No Broccoli: We have a strict no broccoli policy. Won't be seeing any broccoli in Tiki-Taki...

Why Kickstarter      

After talking about it, we decided that the best way to proceed would be to involve you guys, and allow you all to become honorary chimpanzees. Our game's goal was always to be for the people, by the chimps. Kickstarter allows the community to be involved, and have an actual impact on what the game will become, while also giving them cool rewards that we're really happy to get to share.

What is a Kickstarter      

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform for creative projects. It allows you to feel like you're part of the creation of our game, by helping fund our project. In addition to the satisfaction of helping people fulfill their dreams, you'll also receive some sweet sweet rewards. What? You didn't think there would be no rewards, right?

Don't worry, if the game doesn't get funded you won't be charged. Kickstarter only sends us the money if we reach our funding goal, guaranteeing that you only have to pay if the game is being released for sure.


How it works      

Essentially, when you are on Kickstarter you have the option of contributing different amounts of money, each with their own individual rewards. The rewards range from getting a copy of the game on release, to having your very own pet be one of the animal characters in the game. In addition to this, each reward tier stacks with the previous one, so no matter what you donate, you'll receive all of the previous tier rewards.

How long does it last      

Once the Kickstarter is launched it lasts for a month, after which we see if our funding goal was reached or not. Fingers crossed!

Where will the money go      

Making games is a much more time consuming task than one would imagine. In addition to the cost of living in our tree huts, we also need to pay for bananas, nuts, bugs, and all sorts of other things. We need to pay for our chimpanzee lawyers and accountants, who seem uninterested in our banana offerings. There are also hidden fees, like licenses for our game making software. We've tried stuffing a banana into the computer, but that didn't work either. So apparently, cash is worth more to people than bananas... humans are weird.

Where do I sign up      

Once the Kickstarter goes live, it will be available by clicking on the button bellow, or by going to the link right here: //ERROR//*LINKNOTYETREADY*//*NEEDMOREBANANAS* //ERROR 


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