Should you wish to be informed of updates and news regarding our game, we've also set up a nifty newsletter that'll keep you up to date on everything. We'll even add in some funny little tidbits about our game's progress, some visual previews, and the occasional picture of a chimpanzee.

No really... We're going to be sending you a picture of an adorable chimpanzee in every newsletter. Would you really turn that down? Think of the chimp!

Do you want to get in contact with us without going through our social media? Say no more!!!

By filling in this message form, you'll be sending a message directly to our inquiries mailbox, and will swiftly receive a reply from one of our lovable chimps.

Our team of Chimps hails from many different places in the world. They have been spotted in multiple areas across the globe, though it is believed that they regroup in a secret location in... The Bermuda Triangle!!!

What? It's not a secret anymore? Too bad, it's the Bermuda Triangle. What are you going to do? Fly there? I don't think so...

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