Cheeky Chimp Games was founded by a group of three young individuals drawn together by a burning passion for creating video games. After working together on multiple projects in school at LaSalle College Vancouver, it seemed only logical for us to open a small company and start collaborating officially on one of the projects we had envisioned back in the day.

As a company, our goal is to create games that inspire and move people, that are intuitive and accessible, and that are held to a rigorous standard of quality and polish. We believe that games should be developed with great care and attention to detail, and should be something that anyone can pick up no matter who they are or where they are from.  

Once we finish our first project Tiki-Taki, we intend to continue our adventure with many more games in the future, and hope you stick around with us for the ride.

When he isn't busy stuffing himself with ungodly amounts of food, William can be found designing game worlds from the dark recesses of his apartment. He has been playing video games on one platform or another for as long as he can remember, and vowed many years ago to use his knowledge of games to fight off the forces of evil, one game at a time. 

His arduous adventure started in the distant land of Belgium, where he pursued higher education in numerous fields, until finally deciding to move to Canada to study Game Design. This was but the first step in his quest for kickass games though, as he now finds himself working on Tiki-Taki full time, slaving away and staring at his code. Give him a shout, he's pretty cool if you bring food.

Hailing from the hot hot hot land of Brazil, Vitor brings with him an innocence and joy that shines through all the art he makes. Rarely is there a time where he isn't drawing some sort of pixelated creation. He just loves creating adorable designs that make people smile and feel good about themselves. 

In addition to graduating from a Game Art and Design program in Canada, Vitor also has an innate skill for giving life to the lifeless, which made him the perfect candidate for creating the art of Tiki-Taki. Since graduating, he has been spending his free time creating the art assets for the game, and is responsible for all of the cute and adorable things you see on screen. Rumor has it that he's also a big fan of anime and music, so give him a shout if you want to talk about game art, animation, music, or just the color of his hair.

Born in the deepest regions of the Colombian jungle, our final chimp brings a subtle and balanced energy to the team. His calm temperament is a breath of fresh air for everyone around, and his manners are exceeded only by his kindness.

During his studies in Music, David had the opportunity to work on multiple game projects, and has already built himself a solid sound portfolio for video games. His passion for creating cute and appealing music and sound effects, and his charming personality, made him the perfect candidate to conceptualize, record, and edit, the entire sound library for Tiki-Taki. Though it is an arduous task, this chimp's drive prevents him from stopping, and the final results of his work will surely make for an experience to be remembered.

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